One Amazing Graduate, One Amazing Business Partner

I met a mom at a United Way meeting who shared with me the challenges that her son was facing in the workplace after learning a bit about what we do at the Two Foundation.  She shared that he had graduated from a reputable technical college but because he was hearing impaired, he had not been able to secure a job in his field.  He ended working at a delicatessen which was very challenging since it was hard to hear across the counter.

We met with him and realized that he was losing confidence, very nervous because many customers were impatient with him.  We set up times to meet with him and worked on his resume, prepared for interviews, introduced him to our friends at HC Company. Within weeks, he was working on improvements for their manufacturing plant, full time with benefits.  We are thrilled to be able to come along side and be the bridge between one amazing graduate and one amazing business partner.

– Shari

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