Our Vision

Life without labels.

Our Mission

To create opportunities for people of every ability to connect, work, grow, and thrive.





Our Values

Strive for excellence in all we do.

Celebrate strengths and diversity.

Inspire meaningful change.

We’re better together.

Our Story

Inspired by a mom’s love and a child’s willful journey toward independence, the Two Foundation was established in 2013 as a 501c3 non-profit organization.

This organization was inspired by Derek Hunter, the son of our Founder, Shari. Born with unique abilities, Shari knew from the very beginning that her son was born to change the world—so she and her family committed to helping make that change possible.

Today, Two Foundation provides the structure and funding for Two & Company – which is a collection of people, places, and experiences, including the Café, Shops and Services – that enables people of every ability to find happiness and success in the workplace and beyond.

“One person, family, school, business, community, and country at a time, we can change the future for those we love and serve. That is our ultimate goal and dream.”

–Shari Hunter, Founder

Meet our board

Frances Dickenson

Christian Hunter

Shari Hunter

Matthew Knight

Dr. Michael Koehler

Kent Manson

Michael Marchetti

Edda Owen

Terry Owen

Marlo Peck

Cindy Rothenbuhler


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EIN # 46-3258319

Business & Community Partners

“The work ethic, attention to detail and caring, relational approach that we have with all the stakeholders involved with Two & Company, creates positive outcomes with long lasting impact.” –Christian Hunter, VP of Operations


Mission Partners

We’d like to thank our mission partners that provide transformational financial support. Thank you for having a heart for our mission and going above and beyond.



TWO + Business Partners = SUCCESS

Two Foundation serves the employer community by providing hardworking, motivated, and well-trained job seeking individuals with exceptionalities.

For employers with the heart for our mission, we partner with you to:

  • Meet your business staffing needs.
  • Make a difference by being a part of the movement to help individuals with exceptionalities reach their full potential through meaningful and sustained employment.
  • Provide tools, training, and ongoing support to ensure successful integration and outcomes for all in the workplace.
  • Enrich your work environment by providing new meaning, purpose, and a deeper sense of pride and satisfaction for your teams.
  • Improve team engagement, productivity, quality, and innovation.
  • Cultivate and celebrate a workplace culture of diversity, respect, inclusion, and belonging.
  • Positively impact your company’s brand, value proposition, customer satisfaction, and contributions to surrounding communities through hiring and corporate sponsorship.

Our team is beyond grateful to have a core group of local companies who share our vision, our commitment to excellence and our interest in creating integrated and diverse corporate cultures. We’d like to recognize and thank the following organizations for their ongoing support:

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Every dollar goes towards creating jobs for individuals of all abilities!

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Every dollar goes towards creating jobs for individuals with exceptionalities!

Donate today!

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