The Two Foundation provides job-related, social, and educational programs designed to help individuals of all ages and abilities gain job and life skills.

Our services enable promise and possibility

At Two & Company, every person we assist, employ and connect with is exceptional. We want every service we provide to meet that same high standard.

We offer a variety of job-related, educational and social programs, all incorporate inclusive hands-on learning experiences in our Café and Shops.

By focusing on strengths and interests, there’s no limit to what each individual can achieve. Every day we experience them gaining confidence and becoming independent contributors in an environment where everyone belongs and finds greater meaning and purpose.

“Our philosophy is inclusion through and through. We believe to our core that we are all people who belong together and we are all better for it.”

–Shari Hunter, Founder

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At Two & Company, we focus on providing job readiness training, job development and job placement services for individuals of all ages and abilities.

As our jobseekers progress through our training programs, they interact with staff and customers to learn workplace habits and expectations as well as other aspects of running a business.

Next, we work with each graduate to evaluate and discuss their interests, talents and skillsets. We then help place them with a business partner that is committed to creating a diverse, accommodating, and supportive culture. Once our graduate accepts a position, their career begins.

The Two Foundation provides ongoing follow along supports. To ensure continued success for our graduates and business partners.

Job Readiness School Program:

Created by a team of experienced educators, our programs are the supportive and connective bridge between high school and successful community employment.

Our Two & Company Job Readiness Curriculum begins with teach great workplace habits, then applies meaning and experience to those lessons within our places of business. Our team of experienced educators prepares and equips students to successfully transition from high school to community employment.

Currently, we are partnering with high schools in Aurora, Chagrin Falls, Kenston, Kirtland, Orange, and West Geauga. For more information on Education Services please contact Tiffany Hunter, our Director of Education Services at



We provide non-medical transportation to and from community employment and throughout training at the Two. For more information, contact Josh Thompson, our Director of Job Services at


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