In good company.

“It is such a privilege to be able to serve, work with, 
and connect all of the different people involved in this 
process. I get to see first-hand the life-changing impact 
on the individual and families, the culture changing impact 
within companies, and in our community. It proves that 
we all do life better together.” – Christian Hunter, VP Operations

The Two & Company team has collected story after story about the successes, connections and friendships that have blossomed thanks to participation in the camps and programs they offer.

Recently, a mom of a camper shared her appreciation for the lasting friendships her daughter made through her Job Readiness camp. Before attending, her daughter had a hard time making friends. Afterward, she was invited to her first birthday party as well as her first movie night with friends. Hearing from former students and their parents about the successes they are experiencing warms Shari’s heart. “Nothing makes us happier than to hear our graduates or campers are experiencing relationships that are enriching their lives in so many ways.”

Beyond personal growth opportunities, the team can share many stories of their graduates finding professional success. BJ, for example, who was struggling to find opportunities and began to fall into negative habits as a result. Once he began training at the Café, BJ immediately felt a sense of belonging and worked hard to learn and complete every responsibility. Every day he continued proving to the staff and to himself just how capable of an employee he could be. Today, BJ works at a large hotel chain and has shared many exceptional reports. Adds Shari, “The pride on his face and his newfound purpose is all we need to keep us moving forward.”

The effects of the programs and interactions at Two & Company are impactful in so many ways. From first friendships, to meaningful and fulfilling careers opportunities to the regulars who swear by the delicious lattes and infamous tuna melts, grilled cheese and BLT sandwiches, the company you’ll find here is heart-warming. It’s also beyond compare.

Each quarter former graduates are invited back to the Café simply to socialize and catch up with friends, families and the Two & Company team. Derek enjoys hearing what’s going on in their new jobs and in their personal lives. “They came here as job-seekers, then, coworkers,” says Derek, “but they leave as friends.”


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