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“The work ethic, attention to detail and caring, relational approach that we have with all the stakeholders involved with Two & Company, creates positive outcomes with long lasting impact.” –Christian Hunter, VP of Operations

Platinum Sponsor: The HC Companies

We’d like to thank The HC Companies, as our Platinum Sponsor, for all the dedication and support over the years. We truly could not do this without you.

Altering mindsets.

Altering mindsets to embrace positive change is a big job–one that takes many minds, hands and hearts to accomplish. At Two & Company, we’re humbled to have an incredible group of business partners committed to helping us move toward our goal of fully integrated workplaces and communities.

Our team is beyond grateful to have a core group of local companies who share our vision, our commitment to excellence and our interest in creating integrated and diverse corporate cultures. We’d like to recognize and thank the following organizations for their ongoing support:

Join the Two community

For business or community groups interested in joining the Two community, we offer two courses to help establish a partnership that will be beneficial for both the organization and the individuals that we serve. While not a prerequisite to working together, our team offers the following courses for management teams, smaller groups or the entire staff:

  • A Culture of Belonging and Inclusion
  • Becoming the Natural Support

For more information about becoming part of the Two & Company job placement network, please reach out to Christian, our VP of Operations at

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It takes a village

Two & Company, which encompasses the café, shops, job services and the foundation, has outgrown the space we've been leasing since 2015. We purchased a building to $1.6 million dollars with 6,800 square feet that will have space for training, café, shops, and business offices. The costs for the building and renovations are estimated to be $4 million dollars.

We want to provide the best of the best in a state of the art facility in the center of Chargin Falls. We want to serve as the premier model for integration of individuals with exceptionalities and provide our community with an amazing dining and shopping experience.

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