Comments from Ben Peerless:

“Before joining the Two Foundation’s program, I had never had a permanent job that offered pay and benefits. Historically, I was actively volunteering with a local group that I was with for a long time. Through the Two job training program, I learned many skills and met many people I would not have otherwise experienced. I learned how to better myself and improve my customer service skills (which was my dream field), and my work speed improved drastically. I graduated from the Two in 2016 and was a graduate of the 2nd class of Two Foundation graduates.

“Two Cafe is definitely one of the best things that ever happened to me. I’m now able to work and stay on task for long periods of time, and the job at Home Depot was and still is a great fit for me. I feel like I fit in well there. In late summer of 2022, my greeter position at Home Depot that I held for 6 years was eliminated. The Two Cafe provided the support I needed with a job coach to help me transition into new job opportunity at Home Depot. They helped me learn several tasks within the Customer
Service Department. I have now been a member of the Customer Service Team for almost a year and am very satisfied with my current job. I mainly take returns back to their appropriate departments, support the Customer Service Reps/Supervisors with various behind the scenes tasks, and keep the merchandise neat and orderly on the shelves throughout the store”.


To provide opportunities for people of every ability to Connect, Work, Grow and Thrive.

The Two Foundation exists to create a movement of full integration in the local workforce for individuals with exceptionalities. We do this, by bridging the gap between individuals and local business partners. We prepare, place, and support our job seekers, and do all we can to ensure long term success in the workplace.

Comments from Carrie Jaeger – Human Resources with Home Depot:

“Ben is a great part of our Home Depot Family. He follows directions well to complete tasks that are given to him and asks what else he needs to do. Ben comes to work with a positive attitude, he is caring and kind to others.”

Comments from Ben’s mom (Sharon Peerless):

“Joining the Two Program helped Ben grow a great deal. Since his graduation from the Two and securing fully integrated employment at Home Depot, Ben’s social skills have significantly improved and it’s clear he feels better about himself. His self-esteem is stronger, and he has more confidence interacting with all different people, in many different environments. Ben is very happy working at Home Depot and is thankful for such a great opportunity to learn and continue to develop and strengthen his skills.”

Comments from Pam Sraeel (Business Partner Liaison, Two Foundation):

Ben has come a long way since I first met him in late 2021. He was initially a greeter at Home Depot, but we knew he was capable of much more. As soon as we heard that they planned to phase out the greeter position, we pursued securing more challenging responsibilities for Ben. He was excited about the prospect of being challenged and learning new things, and Ben had risen to the challenge. He’s doing a great job helping with the service desk and the return process. In talking with a few of Ben’s managers (Sonny and Brandon), they’ve shared that Ben is doing great. He works hard and does a good job at the customer service desk and takes the initiative to find other work to do if things are slower at the service desk. Ben is always willing to help his coworkers with whatever they need. He remains happy working at Home Depot and is enjoying the new tasks and challenges.

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It takes a village

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We want to provide the best of the best in a state of the art facility in the center of Chargin Falls. We want to serve as the premier model for integration of individuals with exceptionalities and provide our community with an amazing dining and shopping experience.

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